Asbestos on the Tube

The London Underground is a marvel of engineering, stretching over 400 kilometres and transporting over 1.3 billion people every year. However, the Tube was constructed over a 150-year period and that means there are outdated materials used throughout the network — … Continued

Asbestos in Pavers’ Liverpool Store

Image by: David Dixon The shoe company Pavers was recently fined £45,000 after exposing employees to asbestos in their Liverpool unit. Commercial units are not exempt to the threats of asbestos. In a previous post we spoke about M&S and … Continued

FAQ: When do I need to fix my asbestos garage?

Image by: Bill Bradley Asbestos is commonly found in the roofs of garages as well as in the walls and boiler insulation. Asbestos cement is a common building material too and often pops up in garages. With asbestos so commonly … Continued

Asbestos in Commercial Units: The Case of M&S

Image by: Michael Taylor Exposure to asbestos is extremely hazardous and can have fatal consequences to anyone who inhales these fibres. As an owner of a commercial unit, you need to be aware of whether you have asbestos material in … Continued

Asbestos Identified During Dundee Roofing Work

Builders have uncovered asbestos during a multimillion-pound refurbishment project in Dundee. The project sought to replace the roofs of council homes in the city but hit a speed bump when asbestos was found in the tenement water tanks. Neighbourhood services … Continued