Your Simple Guide To Bathroom Floors

With every room comes different issues or exciting ideas that need to be considered Choosing a bathroom floor is different from choosing say a kitchen, or bedroom floor for one obvious reason – water.

Water is everywhere in a bathroom, and choosing the wrong flooring could mean a ruined floor in no time at all. Or maybe even an injured person too, if they were to slip! So not only do you want to choose something that looks good, is safe, low maintenance, but is also durable when it comes to facing water.

The most common flooring options for bathroom floors are ceramic and porcelain tiles, most people will default to these, and for good reason. They are strong, water resistant, stain resistant, and often very stylish.

However things change and technology advances so there are more choices for your bathroom floor now than ever. And who else hates the freezing cold touch of tile floor when you’re brushing your teeth in morning anyway? I thought so.

Here are some other upcoming popular choices for a bathroom floor that we think are really worth considering.


bathroom floor engineered hardwood

Engineered wood flooring

If your heart set on a beautiful real wood floor then we strongly recommend engineered wood over solid wood.

This is down to the makeup of engineered wood floors, which is layered rather than a solid piece. You can read our article on Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood Flooring to find out more.

The fact the wood is engineered in a number of layers means it is stable and less reactive to moisture. It is extremely hard wearing and durable but does require more maintenance and care than some other flooring options.

In terms of style you still get a real wood floor as the top layer of engineered wood flooring is whatever wood choice you have set your heart on.

If you want the look of wood but not the commitment or moisture worries there might be another option for you.


bathroom floor luxury vinyl tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl is the new big thing, luxury brands such as Amtico and Karndean are coming to kick down your front door and find its way into all of your rooms, including your bathroom.

Luxury Vinyl is one of the best options for bathroom floors, it’s hard wearing and withstands water well. It’s also very easy cleaned and now comes in a vast range of styles and patterns. That stone floor you wanted? Got it? The oak wood floor? No problem. You’ll struggle to tell the difference between luxury vinyl and the real thing, all with the added benefit of softer footing and better slip resistance.

If your ears are perking up at the sound of luxury vinyl, read more on it here at Have You Heard of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring? 3 Reasons It Could Be For You.


Everyone has different requirements, styles and budgets and we believe that there is a floor out there to suit. Why not give us a call on 0141 530 9484 to discuss your flooring needs, or get in touch here.