Linoleum or Laminate Flooring? What’s Best?

Linoleum, laminate. Laminate, Linoleum. Wait, I thought they were the same!

Well you aren’t alone in thinking that, both linoleum and laminate are often confused with each other.

Both have been a very popular choice in active households over the years and share some very similar qualities such as durability, appearance, how budget-friendly and how easily cleaned they are.

The most noted difference between linoleum floors and laminate floors is the material they are made from.

Linoleum – is made from natural products including linseed oil and sawdust.
Laminate – uses a composite base that is topped with a printed paper layer, normally with images of hardwood or tile flooring.

Now we need to get down to the brass tacks and figure out which is going to be better to suit the needs of your home.

Things you should consider when deciding between the linoleum and laminate are:


wood floor 2

The Room

When choosing between laminate and linoleum it is important to consider the room you will be putting it in, although they are similar there are some important differences to note.


Laminate is great for kitchens and bathrooms due to it being a lot more resistant to water than say, hardwood flooring. It is also extremely stain resistant so perfect for a household that loves to cook.

It perhaps isn’t as strongly recommended for very busy footfall areas, such as hallways or entrances. With laminate flooring you u aren’t going to be able to simply sand away any scratches or marks on your laminate, it would need to be replaced. Therefore places that are likely to see a lot of footfall might not be the best idea.


Just like laminate linoleum is a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens for exactly the same reason, resistance to water and stains. Say goodbye to spilled spaghetti with the shameful tomato-y stain to forever remind you.

It terms of those scratches and scuffs linoleum, comes up on top. The pattern on linoleum is not just on the surface as it is with laminate, but instead goes the whole way down therefore scratches and scuffs are far less visible. However this does cause it to be more expensive.


laminate linoleum floor

The Look and Feel

Although they share a lot of qualities there is a difference between the look of these two flooring options.


Laminate flooring does an almost indistinguishable impression of hardwood floors, or even stone and tile. Therefore it can look great in living rooms, studies, bedrooms, and most areas of the house. However unlike natural flooring where each plank or tile is going to have its own unique markings and patterns, laminate is a print and therefore it is limited on how many slight differences there will be between patterns, making the pattern repetitive.

Another great feature is that it also has a slight springy feel, that is soft underfoot which makes it a great choice for bedrooms and homes that have children.


Over the years linoleum has been produced in more and more styles and colours making it an attractive option for a number of rooms in your home. However it still doesn’t have the range of styles or patterns that the printed laminate flooring can produce due to linoleum being made from natural products, not a printed image.

It is also resilient, and bouncy like laminate so again perfect for rooms where you would like a little cushioning underfoot such as bedrooms, and bathrooms.


linoleum laminate eco friendly

Environmentally Friendly

There’s only one real contestant in this last consideration and it is linoleum.

One reason linoleum is continuing to be popular is due to the fact it is all natural and therefore eco-friendly. It is also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, perfect for a home with young children running around.

In addition to being made with renewable materials, linoleum is biodegradable and won’t take up space in landfills.

So those with greener minds, linoleum is the way to go.


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