Have You Heard of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring? 3 Reasons It Could Be For You


luxury vinyl tile


Have you always longed for a rustic wooden floor, but wanted it in your bathroom?

Or maybe desired the visual impact of stone throughout your kitchen, but couldn’t quite afford the price tag?

Maybe the commitment to a solid oak floor scares you. You’re not quite ready to make that promise to love and maintain it for as long as you both shall live?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, maybe luxury vinyl tile is the flooring for you?

Vinyl? Luxury? I know that you maybe aren’t quite used to having those two words together. But vinyl has come a long way from the retro print 70s kitchen floor. It has now taken on a look and feel of contemporary design and luxurious comfort.

It still holds true to all it’s original benefits with some really impressive new and improved features. So let us talk you through some reasons why you should give Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring a chance.


karndean luxury vinyl tile

Appearance of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl has taken a giant step in terms of appearance and feel. How? By using new technological advances such as 3D printing technology and printed photo-imagery. This technology adds texture, depth and realism to every luxury vinyl tile, closely mimicking the look and feel of natural materials. The most popular looks are that of hardwood, stone and ceramics.

The other popular feature of luxury vinyl tiles is that they are often plank-shaped. Traditional vinyl would have normally came as one large sheet to fit the room and eliminate seams. Now however you want tile to imitate the look of a solid wood floor or a stone tile, therefore coming in plank shapes replicates this much better. Sizes vary to suit the look of the natural material it is wanting to replicate. Therefore for wood it is often long and narrow and for stone or tile it comes in square tiles, both in varied sizes.


luxury vinyl tile

Cost of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring has always been one of the cheaper flooring options. It almost goes without saying that luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are vastly cheaper than the hardwood, stone or ceramic flooring that they’re imitating. And with the new tile shape it makes it must cheaper to fix issues if any damage is caused, simply replacing the damaged tile or tiles, rather than pulling up the entire flooring.


luxury vinyl tile

Versatility of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Stone in one room? Hardwood in the other? Bold blue ceramic tiles in the rest?
The amazing thing about LVT is that it has such a vast range of effects and styles that make finding something to suit every want and desire easy for any room.

And you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for style or vice versa. Because LVT is functional in almost every room in the house.

LVT is water resistant with some products claiming to be entirely waterproof. So that wooden floor you want in your bathroom? That effect can be created without any worry of shrinking or warping!

Or what about that stone floor? You can have that but with a comfortable soft feeling under your feet instead.

Luxury also works well with underfloor heating unlike a lot of wooden floors, making it even more functional in a number of different rooms.

Vinyl has always been one of the best flooring options for kitchens and LVT is no different. The fact that it is water and stain resistant makes it perfect for busy household areas that might see spills or dirty boots.

Luxury vinyl has also improved in terms of durability becoming much tougher against wear and tear and any scratches that it might see in its lifetime. And if you do somehow manage to damage your floor, as previously mentioned, it’s much easier fixed by simply replacing the required tiles.

Luxury vinyl floors need little maintenance with being so durability and easy to clean. It’s also great for those that change their minds. Unlike hardwood floors or tiles LVT is easy to install and reinstall if you decide you want to change the look you are going for.


Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is changing the way in which we see vinyl floors. You would be blown away by the style, comfort and functionality of this flooring.

If you want to find out more about the Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring we provide follow our links for Amtico and Karndean. Or feel free to contact us for any further questions.