The Best Pet and Family Friendly Floors

While pets and children add a bunch of love and laughter to your life, they can cause total chaos in almost every room. If it isn’t muddy paw prints all over the carpets, it’s spaghetti sliding down the wall. That’s … Continued

How to Clean and Protect Hardwood Floors

Beautiful, long-lasting and traditional, hardwood floors have the ability to add huge amounts of value and character to your home. Whilst hardwood floors last significantly longer than any laminate floor is likely to, it is still essential to protect hardwood floors … Continued

The Pros And Cons Of Carpets

There are lots of different types of floors. And even when you’ve set your mind on a specific type; there are hundreds of colour and style choices! It’s a flooring- jungle, and only you can make the right decision. When … Continued

9 Reasons To Choose Hardwood Flooring

Oh hardwood floors. They’re beautiful, durable, timeless and endlessly unique. No two trees are the same, and neither are two hardwood floors. At G.K., we’ve been in the flooring industry for a long long time, and we’ve seen styles come … Continued

Trump Believes Asbestos is ‘100 percent safe’

Say what you will about the future president of the United States, Donald Trump, but the businessman knows how to get the attention of the asbestos industry. Since 1997, Mr Trump has promoted a reckless attitude towards asbestos, claiming its … Continued

Is Asbestos Still Legal?

When the health risks became apparent, asbestos use was banned in the United Kingdom in the 1990s. Living and working in the United Kingdom, it’s easy to assume that the rest of the world has followed suit. Unfortunately, only 54 … Continued

Asbestos Detector Crowdfunding Campaign

A Devon-based company called ALERT Technology Ltd is crowdfunding what is believed to be the world’s first real-time asbestos warning device. The detector works measuring the laser light scattering and magnetic properties of inhalable particles to differentiate between asbestos and … Continued

Fires Pose Huge Asbestos Risks

Asbestos is generally safe as long as the material that contains it remains intact. Usually, when we talk about asbestos exposure it’s because the material has started to decay. Old asbestos cement tiles crumble, wall boards crack and insulation falls … Continued

Hidden Asbestos on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow

The BBC has been pressured into apologising after it aired an episode of Antiques Roadshow that featured a Second World War gas mask suspected of containing asbestos. Campaigners highlighted the way the mask was treated on air and objected to … Continued

The Nationwide Asbestos Legacy

During the 1980s, James Nicol worked on council houses in the then Highland Regional Council area. Like so many buildings of the time, those houses contained asbestos. Now in his mid-80s, Mr Nicol suffers from mesothelioma, an incurable form of … Continued

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