Lumps of Asbestos Washed onto Prestwick Beach

After the closure of Prestwick Beach on 29th July, a specialist asbestos company has removed an incredible 80kg of asbestos from the sandy stretch. The asbestos material is believed to have washed ashore after floating in the Firth of Clyde … Continued

Asbestos Tests Delay New Balloch School

The new Balloch School Campus and Early Learning Centre is being delayed by three months after asbestos tests discovered the deadly substance in the building. The discovery has added approximately £1 million onto the cost of the project and comes … Continued

Dundee City Council Hit With More Asbestos Woes

Earlier this year, we wrote about Dundee City Council’s unexpected asbestos removal costs during a multimillion-pound refurbishment project. Unfortunately, the Council has discovered yet another pocket of asbestos in the city. Discovered in the attic space of Rockwell High School … Continued

Garage Torn Down Without Approval

Earlier this year, a district councillor and residential developer went head to head over the demolition of garage. Kent-based residential developer, Foster & Payne, planned on demolishing an old garage on West Street in Deal to make room for the … Continued

Police Scotland Told to Remove Asbestos

Earlier this year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) flexed its muscles, proving that no organisation is too large to ignore the dangers of asbestos. The HSE served the single force with an improvement order, following an inspection of local … Continued

Testing for Asbestos at Cambuslang Hoover Factory

Construction company Dawn Developments reports no asbestos has been found after extensive testing at Hoover’s former site in Cambuslang and confirms development plans are still on track. The testing did uncover pockets of land contaminated by heavy metal and hydrocarbons, … Continued

Asbestos on the Tube

The London Underground is a marvel of engineering, stretching over 400 kilometres and transporting over 1.3 billion people every year. However, the Tube was constructed over a 150-year period and that means there are outdated materials used throughout the network — … Continued

Asbestos in Pavers’ Liverpool Store

Image by: David Dixon The shoe company Pavers was recently fined £45,000 after exposing employees to asbestos in their Liverpool unit. Commercial units are not exempt to the threats of asbestos. In a previous post we spoke about M&S and … Continued

FAQ: When do I need to fix my asbestos garage?

Image by: Bill Bradley Asbestos is commonly found in the roofs of garages as well as in the walls and boiler insulation. Asbestos cement is a common building material too and often pops up in garages. With asbestos so commonly … Continued

Asbestos in Commercial Units: The Case of M&S

Image by: Michael Taylor Exposure to asbestos is extremely hazardous and can have fatal consequences to anyone who inhales these fibres. As an owner of a commercial unit, you need to be aware of whether you have asbestos material in … Continued

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