Why You Should Choose Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquet wood flooring is a beautifully unique alternative to traditional hardwood floors. With the more intricate, decorative and versatile designs that this floor offers it is popular among both traditional and contemporary homes and buildings.

If you are thinking about parquet flooring for your home or business, but not quite sure exactly what it entails, then we’re here to help you. We’re going to give you the 101 on Parquet wood flooring and the choices you will have to consider before you start laying your new floor, enjoy.



Parquet Wood Flooring 101

Parquet flooring dates back to the 1600s in Versailles, France hence the french name ‘Parquet’. It was used to cover up the colder tiles and marble that were traditional for homes back then, but hard to maintain. Rather than losing the more luxurious look of tiles, to plain wooden planks, they decided to change the traditional. Instead of using larger planks laid side by side, they cut the planks into much smaller pieces and placed them in various different patterns depending on taste. This allowed for a softer, warmer footing underneath but still an eye-catching and vibrant design.

Today there is a wider variety of options concerning the wood choice, the design and the finish however Herringbone and Chevron are the reigning designs for popularity with their sleeker, subtle looks and easier maintenance.



Types of Parquet

In terms of look, structure and practicality there are a number of choices to consider first with parquet flooring.

The most exciting being the look and design.

The first choice you have to make in terms of look would be the wood choice. There are other things to consider here of course in terms of durability of the wood but as parquet is a very style based decision we will consider the wood in terms of look. The most popular choices would be oak and pine along with walnut, maple, ash and cherry. However, mahogany is a very popular choice for the more luxurious look along with other more exotic hardwoods, and parquet can be manufactured from almost any species of wood. It is entirely your up to your personal taste which wood you choose based on colour and grain. However you can always choose the finishing being lacquered, oiled or unfinished which will also change the final look. So take your time choosing your wood.

The second choice when thinking about the look is of course the design and pattern you want to lay your parquet in. As mentioned the most popular patterns are herringbone and chevron, however there is no lack of patterns and if you are the creative type you may be able to come up with your very own original design. Some popular designs of geometric patterns would be triangles, squares, stars, sunbursts laid in distinct repeating patterns. The wood colour and grain adds one dimension, with the design and pattern completing the look.

Your third choice is the structure and effectively the cost you want to spend on your parquet floor. You can either go with solid hardwood or engineered. If you aren’t sure what the difference is check out this article we wrote on solid vs. engineered hardwood.
Whether you choose solid or engineered the final look will remain the same. What will be different is the cost, durability and where you want your floor. Engineered will almost always cost less, it works in more rooms but isn’t quite as durable in terms of scratches and wear and tear.

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No matter what wood, what design and which structure you choose for your new parquet wood floor you will come away with something beautiful and perfect for your particular taste. That’s the real beauty of parquet wood flooring.


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