5 Quirky and Alternative Flooring Options

When people talk of flooring it often seems like they only have three options; hardwood, carpet or tile.

We don’t think that’s true, actually we know that’s not true. There are so many flooring options out there to suit all rooms, styles and properties. Sometimes you might just have to get a little more creative.

We have put together five of the more quirky and alternative flooring options that we could think of. Just to get those creative juices flowing before deciding on the flooring option for you.


luxury vinyl flooring quirky and alternative

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl? Luxury? I know what you’re thinking, those two words don’t often go together. But times have changed and vinyl has come a long way from the retro 70s style kitchen floors. With brands like Karndean and Amtico vinyl has now taken on a look and feel of contemporary design and luxurious comfort.

It still holds true to all it’s original benefits with some really impressive new and improved features. With advances in printing technology luxury vinyl has added texture, depth and realism, closely mimicking the look and feel of natural materials. The most popular looks are that of hardwood, stone and ceramics. However, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the print you want, why not choose brick, or a deep cherry wood, or go art-deco with an outlandish pattern.

To find out more on luxury vinyl read our article Have You Heard of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring? 3 Reasons It Could Be For You.


parquet flooring quirky and alternative

Parquet Flooring

Another quirky and alternative to a simple hardwood floor is parquet wood flooring.
A mosaic of wooden floor boards put together in a beautiful geometric pattern for a more decorative and decadent feel.

Normally laid in geometric, angular shapes such as squares and triangles, normally in the herringbone or chevron pattern. However for the more adventurous why not go for star and sun effects that can be installed.


glass flooring quirky and alternative

Glass Bottle Flooring

Do you want to go for something more eye-catching and also eco-friendly? Why not go for glass.
An unusual but natural choice that works not only for walls and countertops but also for flooring.

Using recycled bottles and jars, tiles can be crafted into surprisingly practical and sleek floor tiles.
Want to take it a step further? Why not use the bottle caps themselves. It might take a lot more time and effort, but the effect will be show-stopping. And who doesn’t love a DIY project.


Carpet Tiles flooring quirky and alternative

Patterned Tiles and Carpet Flooring

Even if your mind still goes to tiles or carpet, that’s understandable. There are so many unrivalled benefits of the classics that it can be hard to justify going elsewhere.
If that’s the case for you then it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the classic styles and patterns as well.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a pattern for carpets. You can colour block, go tartan, animal print, or even go a grass effect. Carpets are so versatile and there is definitely a style out there that will suit you.

Likewise with tile, they have undisputed benefits when it comes to putting them in kitchens and bathrooms. But it doesn’t have to be a matter of function over style. You can still choose from a wide range of patterns. Victorian and moroccan tiles are a beautiful unique take on the traditional tiled floor for someone looking for a more alternative look.


cork flooring quirky and alternative

Cork Flooring

Another ‘green’ flooring option for the eco-friendly among us, is cork. The natural style of cork gives it a soft, warm and comfortable look and feel. And although it can be darkened, tinted and stained most people opt for the stunning natural look, but the versatility is there to change it up.

You should strongly consider where you want this flooring to go however, as it maybe isn’t as resilient as some other flooring options. Maybe avoid the bathroom and the pitter patter of claw on it!


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