Is Reclaimed Wood The Flooring For You?

Where do we start with reclaimed wood flooring? It’s sheer beauty and depth of character? It’s invaluable impact on the environment? Or maybe it’s unbeatable stability?

Well, we will discuss all that in more depth, but first let’s cover what reclaimed flooring actually is.

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

As you might have guessed, reclaimed wood flooring is exactly that: flooring made from reclaimed wood. Wood that in it’s current state and position is unwanted and discarded. But for a growing number of people it is a diamond in the rough. With a little bit of care and attention you can find yourself with a supply of intrinsically beautiful wood flooring.

Often salvaged from an assortment of old buildings and structures including factories, warehouses and mills – even horse carts! Reclaimed wood has a real wealth of character and history.

Once the wood is sourced it will go through several stages before being reused as flooring. There is the matter of sorting the wood for the higher quality pieces, removing any nails, bolts and other materials that might have become lodged in it over the years, banding the wood together for transportation. But perhaps most importantly, the reclaimed wood needs to be dried in a kiln to make sure it is stabilised and that any unwanted species of bugs or fungus can be killed off. And then, it gets milled into a plank ready for use as flooring.

Reclaimed wood flooring has gained a lot of popularity over recent years, and with good reason. The raw beauty has become a popular flooring choice in homes as well as across restaurants, trendy cafes and offices. Not only does it make a statement about style, but it positive statement towards a greener planet.

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Why Reclaimed Wood Flooring Is So Great

In case we hadn’t already mentioned, reclaimed wood flooring has a lot too it.

Not only does it have all the amazing benefits of a hardwood floor, it has it’s own unique and inherent characteristics tenfold.

It’s Beauty

Wood flooring is one of the most desired flooring choices due to its beautifully individual appearance and style that lends itself easily to modern or traditional, commercial or private space. Reclaimed wood adds that extra depth and character adding warmth and feeling to a room.

Any species of wood can be reclaimed, therefore there is a vast range of different styles, colours and feels. The most common however is oak, redwood and Douglas fir which used to be in abundance.

Imagine a piece of wood that has been around for years, maybe even a hundred years. All of the wear and tear it has seen. The marks, the knots, the nail holes, the insect trails, the variation of colour from the wind, the rain, the saw. These scuffs and marks are what really makes reclaimed wood so beautiful and so unique.

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It’s Environmental Impact

Back a century or two ago wood was in abundance, both in North America and through Europe, and was used to build almost everything! Factories, warehouses, mills, railways. Most building structures during the industrial revolution were built from aged wood forests.

Nowadays, we’ve thankfully cottoned onto the fact that we are ruining the planet by cutting down virgin trees. Instead we are looking for other ways to source wood and that is another reason why reclaimed wood is such a great choice. Old wood gets another lease life. Less new trees are getting cut down. And less waste is going to landfills.

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History/ Character

Each piece has its own story, and no two pieces are the same, each and every scratch and knot tells a story. If only walls (or floors) could talk what would you hear?

People enjoy this aspect of the wood, that it has more than this current lifetimes story to tell. Where was it before? In a victorian home? An american railway station? Where might it end up.

It’s exciting history adds to the depth of its character, and it’s appeal to the market.

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Your wood has been around for a very long time.
Before it was made into the structures and buildings that it has been salvaged from, it was allowed to grow, as a tree, to full maturity. We’re talking up to and beyond a hundred years!
And then think about how long those buildings and structures stood?
Now you can start to really realise just how old some of these pieces of wood are.

This vast length of life has meant the wood has endured almost everything that can be thrown at it. Whether than be rain hail and snow, or a thousand footsteps. The fact the wood has survived this long means it is seasoned and stable. It is no longer subject to twisting, splitting or shrinking in reaction to temperature changes or changes in the environment, as younger woods would be.

Not only this, but mature woods over a hundred years old often have a tight grain which makes it much more durable and hard-wearing. Along with its stability it makes it great for high traffic areas and even under-floor heating.

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Reclaimed wood makes a statement, not just about your style, but about your commitment to helping the environment. Coupled with the fact it is hard-wearing and durable reclaimed wood flooring is an fantastic choice for any environment.

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