Asbestos Surveys and Testing

Based just outside of Glasgow, G.K. Contracts provides specialist asbestos surveys and testing to businesses, organisations and individuals across Scotland.

The key to the safe management of asbestos is the correct identification of the location, type, condition and prevalence of any asbestos-containing material.

This is achieved through a comprehensive asbestos survey, which is conducted in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines L143 and HSG247.

About Asbestos

Asbestos is a small fibrous rock that was a very popularly used material in construction in the mid 20th century up until around year 2000 when it was prohibited in the UK. The reason behind its wide use was its properties such as sound absorption and resistance to fire and heat, making it a great material for insulating homes as well as fireproofing buildings.
Asbestos can be extremely harmful to humans and animals and can cause lung cancer and other severe and sometimes fatal diseases.

When asbestos is harmful depends on various factors. If the material carrying the asbestos (such as cement, sprayed coating or tiles) is left untouched and unharmed, the asbestos does not affect your health. It’s when the material is harmed by the likes of drilling, sawing or degradation of the material, the asbestos fibres are released into the air when it becomes dangerous. Read more about asbestos here.

Why Choose Us

We are tremendously proud of the service we provide clients. We believe we have the skills and experience to safely approach any project. Here is what sets us apart from the crowd.

  • Adherence to legislation and regulation
  • Comprehensive service portfolio
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Thorough staff training

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Where We Cover

G.K Contracts Scotland carries out asbestos removal in Glasgow and in the central belt of Scotland.

Asbestos Removal

G.K. Contracts offer a comprehensive service from sample analysis to removal or encapsulation as well as providing all associated reinstatement trades should this be a requirement.

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We are specialists in providing flexible and integrated roofing and external fabric solutions to both residential and commercial markets in Scotland.

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We handle all aspects of contract flooring work, all designed to provide a thorough, comprehensive, professional and high-quality service from design through to aftercare.

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General Maintenance

G.K Contracts have all the necessary skills, resources and experience to handle a project from start to finish. Whatever the works we will coordinate your entire project and provide all the services you need.

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